• Call it performance management or a light 360.

    We call it Alignamite.

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  • Only 7% of employees understand their
    organization’s goals.

    On the good, bad continuum — that’s bad.

  • Alignamite users have seen a 20% increase
    in employees line of sight!

    On the good, bad continuum, that’s good,
    especially for Alignamite users.

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What is Alignamite?
  • Web-based performance management system
  • Tool to reinforce your organization’s values
  • Opportunity to align strategy and goals

What better recipe for organizational success than to have everyone within an organization working toward common goals. Giving all parties access to an interactive tool to report and monitor personal performance against goals and organizational progress toward goals provides great engagement, motivation, empowerment and substantive information. Such an effective (and quite cool!) tool.” Robin. W. Larkin — May 2013

How can Alignamite make your company a great place to work?
Empowers employees to be their own leaders
The tool allows one to work, even when you are not. Allowing employees to update their progression of goals at any time.

Your organization’s dashboard:
Viewing goals and progress for all to see.


Not just tight alignment, transparency
Aligns the organization’s goals and competenices to give employees the direction, feedback and development needed for success.

Alignamite Pop-ups:
Clearly see each goal to check individual progress


Bird's eye view of company progress
Always knowing the overall progress of the organization's goals with the employees makes it easy to see what needs to be done. The plane provides you with a bird's eye view of the progress 24/7.

Overall Progress Bar:
See how close your organization is as a whole landing success


The Creators

The creation of Alignamite began with an adult son listening to his mom. Mike Johnson’s Mom told him he needed to talk to her neighbor, J. Forrest about making FISDAP a great place to work. After ignoring her for a few years, he hired Employee Strategies in 2011. While doing an Employee Experience Audit, Mike’s employees told J. they wanted performance reviews. Then the brainstorming began between the two and evolved into Alignamite today. The software tool was officially launched December 15th of 2011 with FISDAP as the initial beta-client.

J. Forrest has a real gift when it comes to relating to people and earning instant trust. His recommendations for how we should strengthen our corporate identity and work environment have definitely helped us reach our goals for employee satisfaction. And that was just in 1 year. ” Alignamite Client — April 2013

Mike Johnson
Founder of FISDAP

Mike started FISDAP in 1996, a St. Paul-based software development company that designs tracking software for EMS student competency and experience. FISDAP is a ‘Best Place to Work’ – according to employees and Minnesota Business Monthly. Mike understands the intracacies of building technology-based organizations, loves building business models and playing with spreadsheets.

J. Forrest
Founder of Employee Strategies
J.’s Insights on Blog

J. kicked off his own organization development consultant practice, Employee Strategies, in 2006. His practice thrives from three values; responsiveness, results and fun. Employee Strategies and Alignamite have been correlated into ‘sister companies’ that work great together. J. believes that transparency and accountability are crucial for reaching the goals set out, from both an employer and employee standpoint. After building several review tools across many multiple industries, Alignamite takes the best of the best practices and is a hit for both employees and employers.

The Consultants

In addition to the team at Employee Strategies, we have a group of individual consultants that have completed our Certification Process. You can find one with direct industry experience. Don’t hesitate to email support@alignamite.com to receive help from these professionals.

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Employee reviews (and in general employee satisfaction) is critical work but it can be tedious and ineffective. To have a tool like Alignamite infuse some fun, creativity, and high degree of usability into what is normally so obtuse is uniquely awesome.” Nathan Eklund — April 2013

Become a Certified Consultant

Share your organizational development knowledge with clients as an Alignamite Certified Consultant (ACC). As an ACC, you’ll receive special training from our team and become a part of a community with experts who support our mission to makes companies great places to work.

Applicants will be required to attend a one-time, 3-hour training session. This training session is held once a month on the third Thursday at 10:00 am. Once completed, you are certified! The training will dive deep into Alignamite’s features and sales strategies for adding the software to your successful consulting business. As an authorized reseller, you will be able to sell directly to clients, with the option to bundle in your services. ACC’s earn recurring commissions on the annual contract price. You’ll also receive a complementary subscription for your business. Monthly performance management roundtable sessions are held the last Wednesday of the month with other organizational development experts, collaborating great ideas and strategies into results.

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The ‘Sister Companies’ Come together

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The Founder of Employee Strategies, J. Forrest, realized there was not a tool that could help support an organization’s culture and reinforce its values and goals. As a consultancy, Employee Strategies uses Alignamite with their clients, an effective way to drive strategies to results. The two companies work great in collaboration; gaining consulting services with Employee Strategies and developing one’s company even further with Alignamite by aligning employees to the organization’s goals.

Employee Strategies seeks to create great places to work. An important part of the great place to work recipe is tight alignment. Alignamite reinforces the spirit of the best places to work and increases employee engagement.

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